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Glasgow University Handball

Glasgow University Handball

We are a small club at the University of Glasgow of dedicated handball players from all around the world. We have been denied sponsorship from the Glasgow University Sports Association, due to our small size (30 members), but despite this, we have achieved great results this season. The women's team won gold in the England Handball plate, and the men's team won silver.

Next season we hope to enter the Cup rather than Plate, and to continue our success in that league. For this to happen we need help. Essential players have had to miss out on games in other cities such as Dundee and Edinburgh, due to personal finance issue as we pay for all transport, kits, league fees etc. ourselves.

Our dedicated coach has been placing his pay from the gym where we hold weekly drop-in sessions into the club fund, but with the cost of travelling to Gillingham for the EH finals, all members have had to pay extraordinary amounts to be part of the team. (this includes travel to almost weekly games, and as we do not have GUSA funding, we cannot use their minivans and have had to buy train/bus tickets and walk to stadiums).

We have held multiple fundraising events (pub quizzes, bake sales etc.), and this was thankfully able to lower individual costs from £100 pounds to £75 for travel and stay at the EH final.

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