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Surrey Starlets Worlds & Summit Teams

Surrey Starlets Worlds & Summit Teams

The Surrey Starlets began in 1998 as a small after school club and ever since our first competition our programme has grown to 150+ athletes, ranging in age from 4-32, with our teams have achieved great success both nationally and internationally.
Over the past 21 years our teams have represented Surrey at many prestigious events such as the World Cheerleading Championships, the London 2012 Olympics, T4 on the Beach, Reading Festival, Rugby 7s Finals, as well as numerous television appearances.

This year, we celebrate our 22nd anniversary, making us one of the longest running programmes in the UK. The upcoming season looks to be the most exciting yet with many events, competitions and developments for the year, the most exciting being our bids to the World Championships and the Summit Championships (the World Championships for levels 1-4) held in Florida next April.

Surrey is more than just a cheerleading team. The programme has a strong sense of family and teamwork, providing athletes with an opportunity to make friends, compete nationally and learn important life skills. We pride ourselves on our extra-curricular opportunities, such as the STRIVE! Leadership Programme, our Tumbling Passports, our Personal Achievement Scheme and much more.

Last season, our flagship team, Amethyst, won their 10th bid to represent the UK at the world Championships, and following in their footsteps, our Senior Coed team, Mulberry, and Junior team, Tyrian, won a bid to the Summit Championships. This is such a prestigious achievement for our programme, and proves what strong athletes we have in this local area, when we are one of only 4 programmes across the whole of the UK, and in fact Europe, to have won this many bids!
The cost for our 52 athletes and 3 coaches to attend is coming at a large expense, and we are looking to fundraise to cover their cost of their compulsory training uniform to be worn on the trip.

To see Amethyst at Worlds last year, please visit: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xHBYl1TzDg4

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