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Megan Hayhurst

Megan Hayhurst

I have been competing in Taekwondo from the age of 8 years old and gained my Black Belt aged 11. In 2017 I became Welsh champion and in 2018 I won the British Nationals, Welsh bronze medalist and 2019 became the Scottish Champion. I have now moved onto competing abroad and have qualified as a finalist for the Generation 24 competition which was due to be held in 2020 (Cancelled due to virus).

Any sponsorship/funding would be amazing help, what we can offer in return is basically publicity/advertising, logo and branding on her fighting and training gear, banners with again branding and logos on, any articles in the press/radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages which she has will be updated after events and updates on her training promoting yourselves too

Taekwondo is a very expensive sport that is fully self funded and the cost of travelling to events can be into the thousands. The average cost of competing abroad is approx £800 a time when you factor in the flights, accommodation and entry fees.

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