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I am Ellie, 13 years old and I started Karate four years ago. I am currently working towards my 1st Dan (Black Belt) and will achieve this in November 2019 as long as i keep studying hard.
My highlights of my competitive history is that I am a current British Champion and Runner Up in my age group. I recently finished 5th out of 38 in an international competition in Berlin and have represented my country in Helsinki attaining Silver and Bronze medals. I am part of a highly talented club squad at Sale Dojo in the North West who despite taking relatively small squads to competitions have always finished in the top 5 of the medal tables at National Competitions.
I love my sport and expect to be competing at the Olympics in the future.
If you get the chance please check out the BBC Sport website to see highlights from our World Karate Championships at the weekend to see the standard that I expect to achieve.
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

This profile has been written by Dave Costin (Ellies father).
She trains 5 days a week and is now embarking on Strength and Conditioning classes and Weight Training to increase her core strength and speed.
Ellie never misses training and always gives 100% when she is out on the mats.
What we really need is some financial help towards
Tournament Wear (Karate gi and belts)
Any of these individually are expensive but as a group it is sometimes hard for us to get Ellie to the places she needs to be to further her career.
The next step for Ellie is to travel to the Youth Karate series that is held in Europe and also to get to another 4 to 6 European competitions to gain the experience and test herself against better opposition. This would mean more travel and accommodation costs etc. which we could really do with help with. Even the competition entry fees can be upwards of £25 per section.
We would primarily be looking for financial sponsorship in return for publicity, not only on Social media but would also grant permission for you to add pictures to your website of her with promotional sports clothing etc. The final details of any deal can be ironed out should you see the opportunity that is here.
Any help would be appreciated, obviously the financial side but also, gym clothing, Nutritional advice and supplements and even water bottles and drinks.

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