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White Rose Highland Dance Company Trip to Chengdu China
The White Rose Highland Dance Company recently received an invitation to participate in the International Festival for Intangible Cultural Heritage in Chengdu, China this October. I’ve been invited to attend this event with 20 members; consisting of Highland Dancers, Pipers and Drummers

This would be an excellent opportunity as the first international event for the White Rose Highland Dance Company. The team consists of dancers and musicians from Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, North England and Scotland. We also have members attending from USA and Canada. This is an exciting opportunity to bring together people with a shared passion and showcase our talents to a global audience.

Unfortunately, this event requires us to fund our own travel arrangements and visa. As volunteers, members are using their annual leave to attend this event. Visa costs are approx. £150 each and flights are currently at £600/£700 per person.

Therefore, I’m writing in the hope you may be able to provide some financial support, sponsorship or teamwear for this event and members hoping to attend. Any donation you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, we would wear your company logo on team wear when participating in the event, advertise your products via social media, especially through our White Rose Highland Dance Company Facebook and Instagram page

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Sports: Exercise, All Sports
Locations: North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, West Yorkshire
Posted: 22:09 on Tue, 10th Sep, 2019


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