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America Swim Tour 2019

America Swim Tour 2019

We are looking for a sponsor to supply a team swimmers competing internationally with team kit.

The America Swim tour will bring together a group of National and Regional level swimmers (18yrs+) together on a swim tour lasting 3 weeks.
The team is going to train with some of America’s elite swim teams in Colorado, Florida and California. The swimmers will also be competing in some of America’s highest level meets representing GB. The tour will prepare these swimmers for their home national championships when they return.

As a fundraising event the team will be hosting two swim clinics at Arundel lido where we will be teaching the local community and local swimmers swimming skills and land based warm up work.

The tour is being funded by the swimmers so money for team kit is limited. Having kit would make the team feel like a team and help with awareness for the tour.

Any sponsor will be able to have their logo on our team kit which will be worn when traveling, training and racing.
We will also be able to promote a sponsor through our social media pages (Instagram & Facebook) as well as through local press.
Any sponsor too would also be able to attend the swim clinics held at Arundel lido.

As team kit we are looking to try and get:

Training swim caps
Racing swim caps

Any help would be greatly received.

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