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Haringey futsal club

Haringey futsal club


Good morning. We are a newly established adult futsal team who are looking to develop a youth and female team later on in the future.

We are currently looking for a companies to sponsor our futsal team and in return we can offer your company full advertisement, not only on our kits but also on our banners at our home pitch. Your logo and information will be on our website with a full write-up about your company and what you offer.

We are a team that have been funded so far by the members of the futsal team. we are asked for help with travel, kits both home and alway, equipment, and most importantly renting place to training. We were first established in 2015 where we won our first league in Barking sports house. We then moved to Leyton where we came runners-up twice in a row.

This year we have moved up division to the London futsal league we where we progress to quarter-finals where we got knocked out by a ex national team 3-2. We feel that with the right training, time,money and effort we could will become a great national team with your help.

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